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The Problems Found With SSL Sniffing

Most people have never heard of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sniffing and may not know what it is or why it’s dangerous. However, at Comodo, we make it a point to understand all these different ways that hackers can threaten your computers and network. Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption technology that creates encrypted connections between your server and visitors’ browsers so that everyone can transfer private information without it falling into the wrong hands. It is considered a standard security feature and you have to have a particular Certificate to establish secure connections.

What Are Certificates?

These certificates have a public and private key and both keys work to establish a secure connection through encryption. We can help with certificates and getting your server set up to create them and use them.

How We Help

Our product can detect malicious connections and can tell that someone is trying to intercept your messages or certificate with our root certificate list. It is a common term in the computer world, but many still don’t understand it. It just means that an unauthorized person is attempting to get onto your server or trying to sniff out your Secure Sockets Layer information and:

  • Recreate your website (phishing)
  • Trying to add malicious code to create a hack, virus or spyware
  • Steal information, such as credit card numbers and other sensitive information

It can usually be thwarted based on your Secure Sockets Layer certificate, so most people think there isn’t a problem. However, it may not be enough, depending on what you use and what you do. In effect, the data that flows over the Secure Sockets Layer cannot be compromised. Using our product will ensure that you have the right certificates and nothing untoward can happen. Contact us today to learn more.