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Protect Your POS Systems Against Zero-Day Attacks

16th March 2018 | By Administrator

It’s a well-known fact that POS (Point Of Sale) systems are vulnerable to security attacks. So if POS systems are not protected well using the right kind of security tools, enterprises which employ them, and above all, the data present within those POS systems will be in danger. So it’s quite critical for enterprises employing POS systems to safeguard them properly. Now the question is: what are businesses doing to improve their Point of Sale security?

Zero Day Attack

Use Comodo SecureBox – Avoid Zero-Day Vulnerability

Comodo Securebox comes equipped with a host of impressive Point of Sale security features that make it the best POS security tool on the market. Using containerization technology, Comodo Securebox runs suspicious and unknown applications inside a security-based container which offers protection against zero-day attacks, keylogging, memory scraping, remote takeover protection and other such popular security attacks targeting POS systems.

Security Features Offered:

  1. Data Protection – guarantees data integrity irrespective of the phase of POS transaction the date is going through. This means no vulnerable security points.

  1. Keylogger Protection – offers protection against the tracking of numbers being punched into the POS systems. In other words, prevents hackers from monitoring your POS system activities. This means safe customer data.

  1. Remote Takeover Protection – most POS systems are compromised using the remote software. SecureBox prevents such ‘remote takeovers’ by offering remote takeover protection.

  1. Anti-Memory Scrapping – POS memory scrapping is another popular POS hack technique in which the hackers try scrapping the memory of POS systems. SecureBox offers protection against this type of attack as well.

  1. Anti-SSL Sniffing – using trusted root certificate list from Comodo, SecureBox is programmed to identify malicious SSL connections.

  1. Pro-Active Virus Removal – proactively defends POS systems against viruses and other malicious malware. This provides additional security to POS systems.

  1. And More – other security features which ensure your POS systems stay hack-proof against various security threats.

Final Thoughts:

Living in an age where every other day witnesses a security breach of one kind or another, it would be extremely foolish not to secure your Point of Sale security systems against POS malware. Therefore use Comodo SecureBox and add additional layers of security to your POS systems which can safeguard them against various malware attacks including Zero-day attacks.



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