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How An Enterprise Security Solution Will Help You

17th May 2019 | By SEO India

Enterprise Security Solution: Introduction

More and more people are now relying on cloud-based technologies. Most of us upload and save their files on the cloud every now and then. Some companies still rely on their existing equipment. This scenario poses some risks. An enterprise security solution prevents these risks from becoming threats.

You will know what an enterprise security solution is in the next section of this article. You will also understand the importance of having an enterprise security solution. You will also learn along the way how SecureBox will help you.

Enterprise Security Solution

Enterprise Security Solution: Definition

What is an enterprise security solution? There are a lot of definitions for the word enterprise. But it is another way of referring to a business, an organization, and a corporation. An enterprise also consists of many computer networks.

A security solution solves your enterprise’s threat problems. This includes hardware or physical security solutions. A security solution also addresses your enterprise’s software problems.

An enterprise security solution protects your entire business from all kinds of threats. It addresses both the hardware and software concerns of your entire network. SecureBox is an all-in-one enterprise security solution that can help you.

Enterprise Security Solution: Importance

Developing an enterprise security strategy is a challenging task. Securing your entire enterprise’s network is a very important thing to do. Remember that your security solution will affect the various components of your business. It will affect the users, applications, the network itself, and the operating systems.

Here are the reasons why it is important to have an enterprise security solution:

1. There are a lot of security risks evolving into security threats. Your business is not an exemption to this. Monitoring each risk is like searching for a needle in a haystack. SecureBox helps you in identifying and dealing with these risks. SecureBox’s enterprise security solution will protect your entire network.

2. SecureBox enterprise security solution also helps in securing external parts of your network. This includes all the endpoint devices connected to your network. These are the laptops, smartphones, and tablets among other things.

3. It is also important that your enterprise security solution should support various platforms. This refers to each unique operating system inside a computing device. SecureBox uses cloud-based technologies and supports many operating systems.

4. It is important as well to see everything that happens to each component of your network in one place. Nobody wants a cluttered workplace in the first place. Your enterprise security solution should be able to handle this as well. SecureBox offers you the ability to watch over your entire network in one place.

Enterprise Security Solution: Threat Protection

There are a lot of threats that a business face on a regular basis. You have to take into consideration every component that is a part of your network. There are security risks coming from the users. If not attended, these will become security threats as well. An example of a security risk is not having a strong password.

A user with a weak password becomes a “security liability” or vulnerability. An attacker will take advantage of this situation. Cracking the weak password happens in seconds. The attacker gains access to that person’s account in your network. The risk before is now a threat. Believe it or not, a lot of employees are the primary source of security risks on a network.

There are also security risks in other areas of your business. Another example would be the external devices brought by your employees at work. They connect their laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the network. Each of these devices is subject to malware infection at any time. This makes your network vulnerable to malware attacks.

So how do you protect your business against these security risks and threats? Using a program that provides an enterprise security solution fits the picture. SecureBox is an award-winning all-in-one security software. It offers a multi-feature enterprise security solution.

Here are some threat protection features you get from using SecureBox:

● SecureBox acts as a WAF or web application firewall. It watches network traffic for any suspicious activity 24/7. This feature alone prevents most threats from being successful. This also includes the prevention of zero-day attacks!

● SecureBox also offers cloud-based malware detection, prevention, and removal. You have protection from the following:

1. Viruses

2. Trojans

3. Worms

4. Rootkits

5. Spyware

6. Adware

7. Ransomware

● SecureBox is an intelligent anti-threat software. It has vulnerability scanning features. It scans your network for any vulnerability and reports it. The attacker will not have the time to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Those are some of the best features that you get by using SecureBox.

Enterprise Security Solution: Conclusion

It is very important to be able to watch over the various components of your business. You need to protect these components from various threats. Using SecureBox’s enterprise security solution gives you peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get your free demo!

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