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6 Ways To Ensure Data Protection

13th May 2019 | By Administrator

Data is a critical resource for businesses of any size; it is therefore vital to strengthen data security. Data is transferred across multiple channels through the internet and becomes vulnerable to online data breaches.

Data Security is critical to ensure protection of important data assets that include financial transactions, customer login credentials, personal health records, etc. Users must be savvy about data protection and enforce data security solutions. Individual consumers and organizations invest heavy capital on IT technology to implement effective cyber defence functionalities. It is a key to use data effectively to create a positive impact on every aspects of business to remain safe from online dangers.

Data Security Tips

Following are the essential security processes to ensure data protection

    1. Install a reliable virus protection software

Installing an effective and reliable software comes handy as the first line of defence to enable active protection. A virus protection software like Comodo Antivirus – scans, identifies and removes any existing malware. This will certainly mitigate leakage of data through malware or hackers.

    1. Backup your sensitive data

Instant availability of data is an important aspect for any business. Backing up data is critical, considering the effort and time required to rebuild the data after an unfortunate data breach.

    1. Acquire complete knowledge about the data and where each data is located

It is critical to understand what kind of data the organization has, its location and the responsible personnel to manage the data. It helps to build an effective strategy on data security. A comprehensive repertoire of data assets should be framed and maintained to organize and introduce definite preventive measures

    1. Educate Employees

Users play a key role in protecting business data. Most of the data losses and breaches are due to human errors. Ensure to train your staff to follow data protection policies and help your employees know the importance of protecting the data as well. The key to data security is to enforce training programmes for employees to create awareness on the importance of securing and managing data.

    1. Maintain a list of employees

It is critical aspect of data security to manage controls to check who can access what data. Minimize the access rights to employees based on their requirements. Watermark the organization-related data – which entitles you to identify the source in case of any data breach.

    1. Perform data risk assessment

It is vital to perform risk assessments on a regular basis. This helps to detect any possible dangers to organization data. Through this assessment the organization’s current data security is examined to check if there are any vulnerabilities; and therefore, solutions are formulated to address and mitigate the possible risks.

In a nutshell, the awareness of risks associated with the computer usage takes a long way in data security. Comodo Securebox delivers containerization technology to ensure complete data security to protect confidential data from all attack vectors. To know more about Comodo Securebox – Check https://securebox.comodo.com/.

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