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All You Need To Know About Application Containerization

3rd April 2019 | By Administrator


In today’s business setup, you can see people bringing their own electronic devices at work. People use their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones to do work. This is what a BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” environment looks like. This kind of work environment is a cost-effective solution and also attracts a lot of threats. Application containerization is the answer to your security needs. This will run applications in their own isolated environment. This also reduces the load on your network resources.

Application Containerization

Back in the days, server virtualization was the primary choice. Though using VMs or virtual machines consume a lot of resources. Each virtual machine has its own operating system. Each VM will consume your host operating system’s resources. This includes memory, CPU, and internet connection.

Application containerization uses fewer resources. You can use a lot of secure containers in one machine. Application containerization uses a single operating system or environment. All containers use the same operating environment. This will not consume too much of your host machine’s resources.

You will know more about application containerization in the next section. You will learn how containerization works. You will also learn about its definition and importance. Moreover, you will know the benefits of containerization.

What Is Application Containerization?

A complex term like “Application Containerization” seems hard to understand. But if we break this down into smaller parts, we can derive a simple definition.

What is an application?

An application is a software that fulfills a certain task or meets a human need. A good example of this is Google Mail. It meets the human need to communicate. It fulfills the task of sending messages to distant recipients.

What is containerization?

The first root word here is “contain” which also means to hold. The second root word is “container” which refers to something capable of holding. The suffix “ization” denotes a process or act of doing something.

Application containerization is the holding and running of a program inside a container. But why would you place or run an application inside a container? There are some reasons behind this and we’ll discuss that in the next section.

Why Is Application Containerization Important?

You might be wondering why an application needs a container? Think of this as a virtual world or operating environment for your application. Like us, these programs also need some form of privacy. These apps need isolation because they contain confidential data. This includes your name, address, and other personal details.

Like us, these applications also need some form of security. These programs need to be safe from different threats. They contain sensitive data like your financial information. This includes your credit card numbers and bank account details.

Application containerization can also prevent loss of data in your organization. If an employee of yours lost his device, then no data leakage occurs. This is because the data is inside a secure container. If an employee resigns or gets terminated, then no data loss as well.

You’re safe from various threats by using application containerization. SecureBox is an amazing product that offers application containerization. You’ll know more about this in the next section.

How Will Application Containerization Help You?

Whether you are in a BYOD environment or not, application containerization will help you in a lot of ways. Using SecureBox provides another layer of defense in your network against various threats. SecureBox’s application containerization technology is compatible with the following:

● Android
● iOS
● BlackBerry
● Windows Phone
● Knox
● Toggle

Application containerization will shield your apps from different threats like the following:

  • Viruses

  • Trojans

  • Worms

  • Rootkits

  • Spyware

  • Adware

  • Zero-day attacks

  • Any other suspicious activity

That is how amazing SecureBox is. It’s also an award-winning intrusion detection and prevention product. SecureBox protects every program by putting it inside a secure container. The application and its data are safe inside this container. SecureBox also lets you do the following:

● Disable certain applications
● Disable functions within applications
● Isolate applications
● Clear the info inside the container without altering personal data

SecureBox is an all-in-one security solution. It is also a cost-effective solution because it is cloud-based. You will not be installing anything or doing any technical stuff on your end. The hardware and software are all in the cloud.


You have learned the definition of application containerization. You have also understood the importance of using application containerization. You now know how application containerization technology will help you in different ways.

SecureBox is the only security software you’ll ever need. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get a free demo!

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