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Avoiding The Biggest Threats To Data Backup

14th June 2018 | By Administrator

In today’s increasingly connected and digital business environment, the incidence of zero-day attacks and consequences of data breaches are on the rise. Many well-known companies all over the world today have suffered from data breaches and zero-day attacks that have cost them heavily.

Costs associated with such zero-day attacks and data breaches include damaged systems, cost of setting up investigative teams, legal consequences, and eventually disruption of the business itself. Due to that, cybersecurity has become one of the top agenda for organizations of all sizes.

Tips To Avoid Biggest Threats To Data Backup

Connected devices and the internet open us to the hackers and scammers who want only one thing: To take our hard earned cash or to disrupt the business operations. That means organizations need to have up-to-date IT security and make sure a robust online strategy is in place to ensure safety. Here are some tips to avoid those destructive threats to data backups.

Backup Your Data

Back up all the business-critical data in the cloud or on a server located in a different location. In this way, organizations can retrieve their data at times of ransomware attacks which tend to block access to the computer by locking down the system.

Move All Your Data To Cloud

Data stored in the cloud is much more secure and safe. Even if there is a security breach in any of the organization’s computer, employees can easily access critical data in the cloud by logging into the cloud portal from another computer. Also, cloud storage services allow the organizations to recover from system failure much faster.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption is the process of encrypting the data so that they are accessed only by the intended user. Usually, cybercriminals try to bypass security when data is transmitted from a source server to a destination server.

Even if the hacker gets hold of those data, they can be password protected (encrypted) to prevent the hacker from accessing it. Encryption protects all your data using a combination of public and private keys, and only the intended user will be aware of those private keys.

You can also avert potential threats by using Comodo Secure Box. Unlike the traditional approach of detecting known threats which leave most of the systems vulnerable to zero-day malware, Comodo SecureBox works on containerization technology which will treat all host system as vulnerable.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can thwart even the potent cybersecurity threats from damaging your data backups.

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