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What Is Zero Day Malware and How to Protect Yourself

Most people have heard of zero day malware and may wonder why it is so worrisome to companies. POS security is an important part of daily business activities, especially if you allow credit cards to be used for payment and process them. At Comodo, we believe that your security is essential and have come up with ways to protect you and your customers.

What is Zero Day Malware?

A zero-day exploit uses a security vulnerability the same day that vulnerability becomes known to the public or to the vendor who created the software. Because there are zero days between the first attack and the time it is discovered, it is called a zero-day exploit.

Security Issues

Usually, when someone notices that software has a potential problem with security or some bug, that person notifies the software company and may also post it publicly, so that a fix can be developed. Patches are created to fix the broken code and then they are distributed. You may also find software updates available to protect against the new vulnerability.

Because it takes attackers time to exploit it, you have the upper hand and are likely to find a patch before anything untoward happens.

However, when hackers are first to discover the vulnerability, there is no guard in place so they can create zero day malware to exploit the situation before a fix is found and used.

Protect Yourself

Our product can help reduce these types of attacks, because it goes on the defensive, scouring for patterns and potential problems. You can also:

  • Protect individual transmissions by using a virtual LAN
  • Use an intrusion detection system, such as a stateful firewall
  • Start policies for network access control so rogue machines can’t gain access
  • Lock down your wireless access points to prevent wireless-based attacks

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