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Learn Why Cloud Based Malware Detection Is an Excellent Choice

Businesses everywhere understand the need for Anti-virus and antimalware protection, but may not realize that cloud-based detection of malware is a possibility and could be a better choice than traditional options. At Comodo, we understand your need for the utmost security and safety when it comes to corporate and customer data, so our cloud based scanning product comes with Cloud malware detection options.

New Challenges

Because you have the ability to exchange content and connect with anyone, anywhere they are, and you are, you also have the capacity to spread malware more quickly. Many cyber criminals are targeting cloud applications for that very reason, which means you have an increased chance of a cloud data breach. Viruses can grow more rapidly in the cloud and can cause more damage than anyone thought possible. Therefore, you need the highest protection with our cloud malware detection software.

What It Offers

We provide you with:

  • Powerful protection
  • Integrated quarantine and cleaning
  • Updates in real time

With more powerful protection and detection available, you will have high-performance scanning options to detect the newest spyware, viruses, Trojans, network worms, rootkits, bots and more. You see, the Cloud uses multiple servers and locations everywhere on the Internet, and our product helps scan them all to find the newest problems and start protecting you sooner.

You’ll also have more integration with our cloud malware detection product because it will scan all outbound and inbound content for any malicious code. If it finds anything, it will automatically quarantine it before it can be opened on a regular server or network. It will then work to clean the problem. You will be notified of any problems and what was done to fix it. Contact us today if you’d like more information.