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How To Protect Enterprise Application Security?

4th April 2018 | By Administrator

Incidents of enterprises facing huge financial losses are not uncommon. And yet many of them usually ignore the flaws in their data security systems, hoping (or rather) praying that they might just be ignored by hackers. One of the major reasons for this behavior is that they are not willing to invest in data security tools. And those that are willing have lost faith in the protection offered by such tools.

Enterprise Application Security

Now what if we told you there exists a data security tool which does not cost much and at the same time offers solid protection? SecureBox, which is a data protection tool from Comodo Security Solutions does just that. It not only protects enterprises from different types of malware attacks but also from various zero-day attacks dominating the cyber security threat landscape.

Security Against Not Just Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, But Others Too

Man-in-the-Middle attacks pose a serious problem when it comes to application data compromise. It is the process where a third-party (stranger or hacker) sneaks into an online conversation between enterprises and their clients in order to steal valuable information. Comodo SecureBox offers solid protection against Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Comodo SecureBox is especially useful for government agencies that secure classified records which when leaked has the potential to put many lives at stake. When running applications are wrapped up inside Comodo SecureBox, it ensures user sessions are run within non-modifiable containers that treat all other active computing processes as hostile. This type of isolation offers high and efficient protection against security threats.

Why Use Comodo SecureBox for Enterprise Application Data Security?

Comodo SecureBox offers protection against not just Man-in-the-Middle attack, which is one of the most popular methods of compromising data security, but against the whole gambit of security threats targeting enterprise data security. Some of the security features it offers are:

  • Anti Keylogging: keylogging which is highly popular among the hacking community is prevented while using this security tool.

  • Anti SSL Sniffing: SSL sniffing too is addressed by this security tool. (SSL sniffing is the process of sniffing or breaking into the SSL connection which SecureBox successfully prevents).

  • Cloud AV Protection: cloud AV protection which accompanies Comodo SecureBox enhances its security by supplementing it with the latest malware signatures.

  • And Much More: other security features like anti-DDL injection, Registry/Service protection, remote control/sharing prevention, uninstall protection too are available. Above all, Comodo SecureBox has a separate solution for POS security.

Enterprise Data Security

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