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Key Strategies to Secure Business from Data Breaches

20th March 2017 | By Administrator

Restaurant and Retailers are consistently harassed by cyber threats. Some of the top-notch businesses to mention are Target, Wendy’s and such brands have been the main targets of such humongous security breaches leaving the customer’s critical data at risk.

Business merchants are liable to incorporate customer-friendly technology to ensure the protection of customer details. Credit card transactions are being the most common way to get the payment done over the POS terminals. Stats says there are more than 172 million credit card holders in the US.

There has been a tremendous enhancement with the security technology to work against these nefarious threats, however, the hackers are equally developing sophisticated threats. It is better to stay organized and prepared well in advance to outsmart and defy even the zero-day threats.

Following are the security strategies to protect businesses from Data Breaches

Layers of Proactive Defence

Protect the digital environment, with multiple layers of security. Stay equipped with the anti-virus software, firewall incorporating techniques like Default Deny Protection to stay fight against potential threats and stay ahead of potential threats.

Implement WAF – Web Application Firewall

The Web application Firewall is a strong source to defend threats. This encapsulates the application at the network level to purge out the threats much in advance the malware reaches the server.

Be PCI Compliant

The Payment Card Industry is obtained by retail and restaurant business owners to adhere to a certain set of standards to ensure that the transactions are done in a secure environment. PCI DSS standards are bound to ensure that the companies process, transmit and store credit card information in a secure manner. This ensures that the business is secure and hence would be a major advantage to stay away from potential risks.

Ensure Credit Card Encryption

Ensure that the POS terminals are featured with immediate encryption of credit card information.

Implement cloud-based systems to protect data

Cloud-based POS systems offer the most convenient features in protecting data. The cloud-based data storage ensures that the data is stored off-site and ensures there is no access to the critical data by the hackers. The cloud storage can be monitored for any unusual activity.

Securing the business is a serious concern as we are amidst an overdose of cyber threats. POS Security plays a vital role in protecting the sensitive customer’s data. Try Comodo SecureBox and get ultimate protection from all types of POS malware attacks.

Data Breaches

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