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Restaurant POS Systems In 2018

12th January 2018 | By Administrator

POS systems play a huge role in the restaurant industry. 2018 is not going to be any different. Therefore as we step into this new year, let’s look at some of the POS features which restaurants should equip their POS systems with, in order survive the competition and emerge a winner. Here’s a list of 5.

1. Regular Security Updates: Just like with our phones and other devices which get regular security updates, restaurateurs should opt for POS systems which can provide such immediate security updates. Because this can reduce security vulnerabilities greatly.

2. Integration Capabilities: POS systems are no longer used for credit card transactions alone. More and more restaurants are increasingly integrating these restaurant POS systems with online ordering and tableside ordering as well. This cuts costs, saves time and increases restaurant efficiency. Therefore ensure you install a POS system which supports such integration.

3. Customization Capabilities: Your business will expand over time. Who knows, you may even open a chain of restaurants in the future. Under such circumstances, your POS system requirements would be very different from the current scenario. Therefore ensure you are using a POS system which is customizable enough to meet your varying business needs.

4. Reporting and Analytics: Your POS system is going to handle a lot of data. Numbers extremely valuable for your business. Therefore you need your POS system to report about them to you in an efficient manner. It will be an added bonus if these systems can perform analytics which can help you improve your business. So ensure your restaurant POS system has both reporting and analytics capabilities.

5. 24/7 Customer Support: Last but not the least, ensure your POS provider has a 24/7 customer support. POS systems are extremely crucial and you don’t want any glitches in them which affect the sensitive data they contain or slows down your productivity. Therefore this feature is a must-have.

Prevent POS Security Breaches In 2018

Obviously, POS systems will continue being targeted in 2018 as well because of the sensitive transactions which are carried out through them. Therefore your Point of Sale security becomes as important as having a restaurant POS system with the latest features. Something which you simply cannot compromise on. Therefore use Comodo SecureBox for your POS security. With the help of containment technology, SecureBox ensures your POS systems are run in an isolated environment which successfully prevents point of sale malware and other security threats like keylogging, data exfiltration, SSL sniffing, memory scraping, zero-day malware etc.,

POS Security

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