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Learn More about Point of Sale Security Testing and Validation Options

Almost every retail business in the United States uses a POS system because it helps the business carry out transactions effortlessly, no matter where they are located. However, most people don’t realize how complex the system is, or that it is integrated with other systems, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Purchase Order
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse

At Comodo, we believe that POS security is highly significant and work hard to create the best products to help you test it and use it without worry.


There are three components for point of sale security testing, including the terminal, enterprise server and store server. At the first level (terminal), you will test the hardware and device, such as the scanner, printer and barcode reader. You should also be testing for performance, BI and analytics, as well as interoperability.

At the second level (store server), you’ll test the point of sale security, disaster recovery and interface tests while the third level (enterprise server) will also require the same types of tests as the second level.


The tests available include those at application and enterprise level. At the application level, you’ll have report testing, as well as payment gateway, compatibility and functionality tests. At the enterprise level, you’ll have compliance, performance, interoperability, mobility and data migration tests.

How to Test

Point of Sale security tests can include many challenges, such as multiple configurations, upgrades, complex interfaces and more. You should verify the system, test the alert system and ensure that payments can be voided when necessary. You can also test profiles and access levels, database consistency and verifying information. Our product can help you do this because it works with traditional systems and can integrate with other products you may already use. Contact us today for more information.