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Top Dark Web Markets Where Zero-Day Exploits are Sold and Bought

14th February 2017 | By Administrator

Buying and selling zero-day exploits had been common, for many years now. Hackers who do this had been doing it in the underground Dark Web (or darknet) marketplace, like for example, the Silk Road. In the recent past, some other such marketplaces too have opened up. Here’s a look at the top Dark Web markets where zero-day exploits are sold and bought…

The RealDeal Market
It was in April 2015 that the RealDeal market for zero-day exploits emerged. Like many of its predecessors, RealDeal also made use of the anonymity software Tor and the digital currency Bitcoin to carry out its business and hide identities of sellers, buyers, administrators etc. But unlike its predecessors, the focus of RealDeal itself was on trading in zero-day exploits. They were looking to broker premium hacker data, which would include zero-day exploits that were much in demand, source codes etc.

Cebolla Chan
A forum in the Spanish language, Cebolla Chan is a place where all kinds of exploits and hacks are promoted and sellers contacted. Cebolla Chan is more popular in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

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Crime Network
This is a big network of cyber criminals and black hat hackers. From Crime Network you could hire a hacker to execute some hacking activity or else buy malware, exploits, vulnerabilities etc. An attraction of Crime Network is that it has its own escrow system and at the same time it supports third party escrow system as well.

An online community where programs and codes are shared, GitLab facilitates online meeting with hackers and hacking experts, with whom you can partner or trade, as per your requirements.

This is more of an online marketplace or forum where trading of technology related things, like for example hacking software, happens.

Another online market or forum for trading hacking related stuff and other such things. There would be different kinds of people promoting all kinds of hacks, zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities. Slamspeech has its own escrow system and you could trade here using Bitcoins and other virtual currencies.

There are many other Dark Web marketplaces like AlphaBay, Rutor, Dream Market, Zerodium, Genesis etc.

The best way in which the darknet sites can be accessed is through TOR (The Onion Router), as it comes with its own Tor browser, which guarantees complete anonymity. The URL of Dark Web portals look different; they have random-looking strings of characters, which would be followed by. onion. Like TOR, the Freenet Project, I2P (The Invisible Internet Project) etc too are used to access the darknet.

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