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Stop Being Exploited with Zero Day Malware Protection

POS security is essential, especially if you use Point-of-Sale systems to take payments using credit and debit cards. The problem is that these systems are more prone to Zero Day malware, which means that there isn’t a patch, and no one knows that a vulnerability is there, except for the hackers. They use these types of exploits to find flaws or weaknesses in the system and then attack with various malware to try and steal information. They can also use malware to:

  • Crash your computers or POS
  • Find out personal information
  • See what websites you visit and copy your keystrokes to find passwords and credit-card info
  • Cause the system to malfunction

Their primary goal, however, is to steal sensitive information, such as credit and debit card info. They’ll also take Social Security numbers and other things that can be used for monetary gain.

In some cases, they don’t use the stolen information, but rather sell it to the highest bidder, so you have no idea who got into the system first.

Protecting Yourself

At Comodo, we understand your frustrations. You work hard to get your customers and maintain them, so you don’t want to worry about their information being stolen from you. It is bad for business and your reputation.

Our product can offer zero day malware protection by shielding your browsers, add-ons, Java, PDF readers, Office, media players and more.

Of course, it also works by scanning your computer for zero day malware and removing it before it can do harm. Our product works differently because it assumes that there are already threats to the computer, so it takes an active stance against them, wiping them out so they can’t steal data from you. Contact us today to learn more.