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The Importance Of POS Systems Security

10th January 2018 | By Administrator

Recently, a study conducted by TrustWave Global security indicates that retail industry has bagged the ‘most compromised sector’ label for the fifth year in a row. Obviously, the primary target is, as usual, the payment card data. Payment card data were stolen via point-of-sale (POS) breaches (64%) and magnetic stripe data attacks (33%).

And this situation is definitely not going to change any sooner. Especially since the U.S. Retail spending which has reached Five Trillion dollars will continue appearing lucrative to cybercriminals. They are just a POS breach away from getting their hands on that huge amount of money!

Now the question is: what are you doing to protect your POS system? Are you following the security best practices while deploying and using POS systems? Are you equipping them with the right kind of security software? These two questions will explain the state of the Point of Sale Security.

POS Security Best Practices

  • Keep Your POS System Updated: Just like with all other applications, keeping your POS systems up-to-date is absolutely necessary. And when you don’t, your POS system can be subjected to security vulnerabilities. Therefore staying current and updated is quite important.

  • Enhance Network Security: Take all necessary measures like using an advanced firewall for securing your network. Limit access to POS systems as much as possible. Segment the network if you are working with a payment processor, and tighten the access control list in the router configuration.

  • Limit Remote Access: Ensure only limited amount of IP addresses get access to the POS systems. Especially minimize – if possible, totally reduce – the remote access to these systems. Also, make sure they are not used for other online purposes. Finally, employ two-factor authentication.

Security Software for POS Security

Use Comodo Secure Box for your POS security. Equipped with security features like anti-keylogger, anti-memory scraping, SSL sniffing and cloud-based scanning, Secure Box successfully protects your POS systems against the likes of Backoff malware and others which have been targeting POS systems for a long time now.

Comodo Secure Box Features:

  • Data Protection – for safeguarding cardholder data which resides in these POS systems.

  • Remote Takeover Protection – prevents unauthorized remote takeover sessions.

  • And More – cloud-based virus scanner, memory scraping, SSL sniffing etc.,


As long as POS systems are around, hackers will target them. Because they deal with sensitive data. Therefore secure them using the right kind of security software like Comodo Secure Box which can safeguard them successfully against various POS malware.

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