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POS Threat Protection Means Adding Layers

The Point-of-Sale (POS) system is a device that uses an Operating System and connection to the network. With the rise of malwares in POS system that specifically target retail business with POS networks, PoS security has become an imperative onus for business owners who want to secure their customer information from being stolen. To ensure a reliable POS protection, you should adopt a layered security approach across your network that can thwart oncoming attacks. Optimize POS protection by using POS Threat Protection from SecureBox. Enhance your POS security and focus on running your business instead of worrying our your how to adequately protect POS terminals. If you’ve got a POS system, you’re probably focused on POS security and wonder what you can do to keep it protected. You may have heard the saying, “Add layers,” but may wonder what that phrase means. At Comodo, we believe that it is best to understand what you’re up against and how to protect against it.


What is a POS

The Point-of-sale system is a device that uses an operating system and connection to the network. It requires Internet access and is meant to do one task: send data to a central server. The problem is that most of these systems run Windows operating systems and are susceptible to all the various malware options written for Windows.


If you use a Windows OS or any other version, you probably have an antivirus program installed, which is supposed to detect malware and viruses, remove or quarantine them, and keep them away from your files. The problem: Traditional antivirus isn’t enough protection for the POS system. We use additional layers of POS system protection to ensure that you are adequately covered. For example, we use behavior-based blocking options and reputation-based technology. We also take a defensive approach because our product installs already thinking that you’re infected and scours your files/folders to find anything amiss.

You have to realize that antivirus, even the best kind that is designed particularly for POS systems, may not be enough. Would you consider opening all your windows and locking your door? That wouldn’t do much good, and neither does antivirus software alone.

Point of Sale System and POS Malware

PoS systems process customer data, payment card information, inventory and even customer relationship management (CRM) inputs on a daily basis that are critical to a retail business operations.

Generally, the majority of PoS systems run on Microsoft Windows, an environment that is itself susceptible to millions of malwares. Because of their critical role in handling financial data, PoS systems have become a favorite targets among cybercriminals who want to steal business data and reap profits out of it.

In the past years, cybercriminals developed and mobilized PoS malwares such as Dexter, Backoff, BlackPOS Chewbacca and Kaptoxa to hijack cash terminals and siphon off money through the computerised PoS systems.

Several POS malwares use memory-scraping method to steal financial data without being detected by a network or the traditional security softwares such as an antivirus tool.

Protect POS System to stop application compromising POS Devices

Businesses require strong endpoint protection solution that takes a layered approach to secure the PoS systems from malware attacks. The nature of several PoS malware are extremely sophisticated and multi-staged in nature, which only a multi-pronged layer of protection can combat.

PoS System Protection from SecureBox not only gives high visibility and inspection to events flowing through a PoS network but also offers policy-based, granular control over traffic logs.

The PoS System Protection software serves as a detection and prevention tool for businesses to identify and fix threats to their PoS devices. SecureBox is fully complied to PCI-DSS regulations and gives the flexibility to audit, adjust and address the security requirements to retailers that run on PoS networks.

You need to focus on configuring your endpoint protection so that it can block out the most determined attacker. No one should be allowed to browse the web or check emails because the machine should be used only for POS functions. Our product gives you those added layers, so contact us today to learn more.