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A Free Anti Keylogger Program Can Be Just as Good as Paid Versions

their smartphones, iPads, and tablets. Computer technology has come a long way in the past few years, and the technology is ever improving. The problem is that as computer technology improves, so do the hackers that try to steal information. Keylogging is not a new concept, but most people still don’t understand it.

At Comodo, we want to make it clear that keyloggers are available and that they can seriously harm your company in many ways, which include:

  • Stealing your information (banking, financial, etc.)
  • Taking your customer’s information (credit cards, SSN, etc.)

While it may not seem important to consider your company’s information, you probably pay bills online, send payroll payments and the like. Hackers can easily get that information and use it against you.

What We Offer

Our free anti keylogger program does everything that paid versions can do, making it a worthwhile investment that won’t cost anything.

We understand that companies are always looking out for the bottom line and want to help.

With our anti keylogger program, you’ll get full system protection, because it comes with antimalware and antivirus protection, as well. You see, our program doesn’t just include an anti keylogger and is meant to be a full system product. It will make sure that criminals can’t gain access to your passwords and other information. They won’t be able to see the passwords you type, and we can even shield copy/paste options. We can also prevent them from capturing your screen. What all of this means is that you are protected and won’t have to pay anything to get this protection. Contact us today to learn more.