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High-Profile POS Reduces Transaction Security Because Of Homeland Security’s Warning

27th November 2015 | By Administrator

Transaction security has been reduced because of Backoff POS malware. This, and other financial viruses allows customer information such as credit/debit card numbers to be stolen from high-profile companies. These companies use a Point-of-Sale system that isn’t safe enough. Transaction security for most companies means using an antivirus software and antimalware software, but thieves can still steal information, especially with Backoff malware. While the system you choose likely provides encryption services, criminals can take the information before it is encrypted.

Homeland Security warned people of the Backoff malware problem because it targets the Point-of-Sale system specifically. They wanted to ensure transaction security from many high-profile companies. At least 1,000 retail companies have been compromised because of this threat, and seven makers of Point-of-Sale systems have had their systems infected, as well.

At Comodo, we take this threat and problem seriously and want to help those in business. Retailers and other companies shouldn’t stand by while their precious data is taken, but you have to act.

Transaction security isn’t only for those who have multiple chain stores, but for everyone that uses credit/debit card swipers. We can help with many threats, including:

We can also help with specific financial threats, such as:

  • Poseidon
  • BlackPOS
  • Dexter
  • Backoff Malware

The problem is that Backoff malware affecting the POS can be easy to hide and difficult to find, even when using transaction security solutions like antivirus software. When considering solutions, you have many options, but you want to ensure that the transaction security features include financial threats to the Point-of-Sale system specifically, including Backoff. Most companies offering transaction security neglect the POS entirely, thinking that if it checks the server or network, it will find it before it gets to the system.

We understand transaction security and the threats available, so we have come up with an option to combat it. Traditional antivirus software won’t help, so we’ve devised a specific transaction POS security program to target applications so their system can’t infect yours and vice-versa.

For more information on transaction security options, contact us today.

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