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How To Defend Against Pos Malware Attacks

8th April 2019 | By Administrator


What do BlackPOS, Backoff, and Bernhard POS have something in common? They are all notorious POS malware. So how does malware work? POS malware will scan for active processes in your computer’s memory or RAM. It will then scrape or extract information out of these active processes.

A POS malware searches for sensitive data like your credit card number. Once it founds the information it’s looking for, the attacker will get a notification. The cybercriminal can then sell this sensitive data on the deep web.

That is the primary function of a POS malware. It can also do other malicious things. You will know more about this in the next section. You will also learn how to defend against POS malware attacks. You will understand the importance of using SecureBox as well.

POS Malware Protection

What Is A POS Malware?

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for sensitive information. They like to target POS systems. POS stands for Point of Sale. Most businesses rely on POS systems. You can find these in restaurants, grocery stores, and online shops among others.

Cybercriminals have a lot of tools in their arsenal. They choose malware to target these POS systems. They prefer using POS malware because it is stealthy by nature. What is POS malware then?

POS malware falls under the category of spyware. A spyware program infiltrates a computer system or network without you knowing it. Like a spy in real life, it collects information about your system. It watches over your programs in the background.

POS malware will then look for sensitive data like your credit card number. It also records your keystrokes like a keylogger application. It observes what you do online as well. It will report all this information to the attacker.

Upon achieving its goal, a POS malware will cover its tracks on your system. It has the ability to change system logs. This will make it appear that no intrusion has happened. Now you know why a POS malware is a favorite weapon of cybercriminals.

A strong threat like this needs attention. Your POS system needs protection from this kind of threat. You will know how to defend against a POS malware in the next section.
How To Deal With A POS Malware Attack

You might be wondering at this point how you’re going to deal with a POS malware attack. Like any other malware or threat, it first needs to infiltrate your system. The logic here is to detect the attack or the intrusion.

SecureBox is an award-winning intrusion detection and prevention program. It can detect threats before it affects your system. Here are some of the amazing features of SecureBox:

1.WAF or Web Application Firewall

  SecureBox acts as a web application firewall. It watches over your system for any suspicious activity 24/7. Once it founds a suspicious activity, you will get a notification. SecureBox provides you with various reports about your system condition

● Malware threat detection reports

● Network IP change reports

● Application upgrade reports

● Remote control detection reports

● Application usage reports

● License usage reports

● Injection detection reports

● Application uninstall/install reports

 Email notifications based on reportsPOS malware will have a hard time entering your system because of SecureBox’s protection. As a web application firewall, SecureBox also prevents zero-day attacks from happening.

2. Application containerization

SecureBox protects your POS system from threats like POS malware. It does this by putting your application inside a secure container. While inside this, your application is invulnerable to any threat.

SecureBox also puts an unknown app inside a secure container. This way this unknown app can’t affect other    apps. This container is a separate operating environment.

POS malware upon detection is also put inside a container. Think of this as a quarantine box. While inside this box, any malware is useless.

3. Antimalware

SecureBox provides cloud-based malware detection, removal, and recovery. The hardware and software are set up on the cloud. You don’t have to worry anything on your side. SecureBox protects you from the following:

● Viruses

● Trojans

● Worms

● Rootkits

● Spyware



SecureBox protects you from keylogging, memory scraping, and SSL sniffing attacks. POS malware is not an exception to this.

4. Vulnerability scanning

SecureBox offers cloud-based vulnerability scanning. It searches for any vulnerability in your system, network, and application. This way you can prevent future attacks from happening. Cybercriminals will not get a chance to exploit these vulnerabilities.


You are now aware of what a POS malware is and what it can do. You are now knowledgeable about protecting yourself against a POS malware attack. SecureBox is an all-in-one security solution. Sign up now and get a free demo!



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