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POS Security Vulnerable To Multiple POS Malware Attacks, Including GamaPoS

17th November 2015 | By Administrator

Security should be the most important aspect for companies because it means that customer information is safe. POS (Point-of-Sale) systems are used in many areas of business, including retail, healthcare, food service and more. POS systems make it easier for employees and business, because of digital receipts and printouts, but it can also make it easier for POS malware attacks.

At Comodo, we understand the need for POS security and work hard to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Some malware attacks can include:

  • Black POS
  • Dexter
  • Zero-Day Rootkits
  • Memory Scraping
  • Backoff
  • GamaPoS

POS System Security

GamaPoS is malware that affects your POS security. It attacks by stealing information from email attachments or after you visit a website so that POS security breaches may not even be noticed for weeks. POS systems aren’t the same as traditional computers, and you can’t surf the Web so many people think POS security is unnecessary. However, malware can still infect POS systems. If one computer on the network is infected, the POS system could also be infected with GamaPoS and other POS threats.

We know that most people think POS security means encrypting information, using antivirus software and endpoint security features, but they won’t prevent POS attacks and phishing problems. We provide extra POS security by creating an individual channel between the endpoints for the customers and company servers. This added security means that users can’t use other applications in the environment, and they can’t access any other website but yours. This effectively eliminates the threat of attacks from GamaPoS and other malware, which gives you more security.

If you would like to learn more about security and our services, you can contact us. We are happy to show you some of the features and an overview to protect your POS.

POS Security


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