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Why Is Your POS System Vulnerable?

25th November 2015 | By Administrator

Almost every company has a POS because it makes everything easier. You know that security is of the utmost importance, but may not realize that traditional security features won’t help and that your computer network (and POS) is still vulnerable to many online threats, including:

At Comodo, we understand BlackPOS and other financial malware threats better than you and can work hard to ensure the security of your systems. Analysis may be necessary to determine if your POS is at risk and how much you’re at risk. We offer analysis tools that can help to reduce those risks.

Most companies don’t have any analysis features and believe that antivirus software is enough to thwart these potential thieves from stealing POS information, but many hidden vulnerabilities are available in the traditional POS system.

POS Security

Our security features and analysis system works well because we make it impossible for employees or customers to sign into a phished account. It also works the other way, by not letting clients and vendors infect your website with BlackPOS and other threats from their computer (if theirs is already infected). We run your applications for the customers inside an environment that cannot be modified and that focuses on security. Even if they have an infected computer, it won’t move to your network and won’t affect your POS system.

Most POS systems use a desktop computer with the Windows operating system. You’re likely to have several devices connected to the POS, such as a credit-card swiper. These can all be infected with viruses and malware.

BlackPOS is a crimeware kit and type of malware that can disable or damage computer systems, even the Point-of-Sale system. This particular malware copies credit/debit card numbers from POS machines immediately after the cards are swiped, so encryption can’t occur.

To learn more about reducing BlackPOS and other threats, you can contact us. We would love to help you keep your data safe with our POS security options.

POS Security

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