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POS Security for Improving Payment Data Security in Point of Sale Terminal

1st August 2016 | By SEO India

POS security is not to be taken lightly; it’s directly related to the payment data security at any point of sale terminal.

There are different methods used to steal payment data from POS terminals. These include malware attacks, skimming, tampering and of course using keyloggers too. To protect point of sale terminals from such activities and consequent data breach and ensure POS security, there are certain things that have to be done. Prominent among these are-

Setting up a firewall – A POS system should have its own firewall and router and emphasis should be given to keeping the POS system separate from all other systems that access the internet.

Usage of complex passwords, changing passwords regularly – Using complex passwords, passwords that are unique, long and a mix of alphabets, numbers and non-alpha numerical characters is always recommended. At the same time, it’s always advisable to keep changing passwords regularly, at least once in three months.

Refraining from using POS system to surf the net – This is of utmost importance. A POS system should never be used to surf the net. Lots of malware come through the internet, as attachments or links or through the many insecure websites that are surfed.

POS Security

Limiting remote access to POS system – Remote access to POS system is not to be encouraged. It’s always better to permit remote access to only those who have a specific purpose. At the same time, each remote user has to be assigned separate log-in credentials. Passwords have to be strong and have to be frequently changed as well.

Antivirus security – POS system should always be protected by a trusted, effective antivirus software. This should be updated regularly as well.

Doing a regular check for skimming devices – Cybercriminals target POS systems with skimmers; a skimmer is a small electronic equipment that is inserted into a terminal to capture card data. This data can be used to make fake, duplicate cards and rob customers of their money. So, regular checks of the POS system or POS terminal for skimming devices is always good.

Having a proper and well-planned security policy for employees – Any enterprise should have a security policy which has to be strictly adhered to by all employees. This becomes more important for companies that have POS network and POS systems since it’s all about payment data security.

There are also some other basic things to be done like having surveillance cameras installed to monitor things including physical intrusions, physical security to the POS terminal if needed, examining and confirming the identity of service personnel, etc. It should always be borne in the mind that POS security is of utmost importance…

POS Security



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