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Have You Made These Changes To Your POS System?

2nd November 2017 | By Administrator

When was the last time you upgraded your POS system? Maybe it’s time to do so. POS systems, since they were first introduced, have undergone a number of changes and the one that we have today is extremely business as well as customer friendly. So if your business does not have the lastest POS system and POS Security, you are definitely missing out on certain elements which can enhance your business greatly.

POS Security

Let’s take a look at some of the features your POS system should support in order to meet the demands of the industry.

1. Does It Support Mobile POS? This is especially needed if you’re into the restaurant business. A mobile point of sale software helps restaurants waiters to take orders from customers while on the move and the same is usually dispatched to the restaurant kitchen these days. Good for the business – as it does not unnecessarily tie up valuable labor resource – and for the customers (since it paves way for easy payment).

2. Does It Support RFID/NFC Payment Capabilities? Apple Pay and Android Pay have changed things dramatically which respect to how payments are being made. They make use of RFID/NFC payment capability, using which customers can make payments just by using their phones. No credit card or swiping needed. Apart from the ease-of-use, this payment mode is being recommended highly because the transaction is entirely encrypted and is visible only to the sending and the receiving devices respectively.

3. Does It Support Biometric Login for Employees? Next point to be considered for the purposes of POS security is whether your POS System supports biometric login. Because if it does, this means malicious hackers will have a hard time trying to access it. On the other hand, if you’re still relying on login credentials, then this puts your POS system in considerable danger of being hacked.

4. What About Customer Database Options? Is your POS system equipped with the capability of storing customer information (after obtaining their consent). Having this provision can leverage your business greatly because it will help your business track customer ordering preferences – data which can help your business improve significantly – and thus pitch only those products which suit their requirements.

5. What About Online Ordering/Mobile App Integration? Next is to ensure whether your POS system integrates well with your online ordering app or mobile-friendly website you may have for taking orders via the internet. This can reduce the possibility of human errors while entering online orders in the POS system. Another must-have if you’re in the foodservice industry.

What About Your POS Security?

No doubt keeping your POS systems up-to-date matters. To stay competitive in the business and to offer customer convenience. But what you should also remember or not forget is to protect your POS system using the right kind of security tool. Tools like Comodo Securebox which has been specifically designed to offer POS systems protection can help businesses greatly.

Comodo Securebox can protect financial transactions on your business POS systems in ways that a normal point-to-point encryption tool cannot. It suits retailers, food services, healthcare, hospitality and other industries which need POS systems perfectly.

POS Security

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