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How to Create a Yahoo Email Whitelist

Email providers aren’t perfect, and they may send legitimate emails to the spam folder. It can sometimes be difficult, especially in companies, when emails are put in the spam folder because then recipients don’t get the information they need. This information may be necessary to do their job more efficiently or may be sent to remind people of upcoming events. Therefore, you will need to create a Yahoo email whitelist so that your company runs more smoothly.

At Comodo, we believe that everyone should stay secure and be safe while working. Companies, especially, have to keep servers and applications secure so that cybercriminals don’t swoop in and take data. While there are many ways to create an email whitelist for Yahoo, you can always use our product, as well. We make it easy for administrators to create lists for all the applications they use.

Individual Whitelisting

Most corporations don’t allow end users (employees) to create lists because they could allow a domain or sender who shouldn’t be approved. However, you do have the option of allowing individuals to create lists, and it can be done simply. The steps include:

  • Logging in to your account
  • Clicking the Spam folder
  • Locate messages that should be whitelisted
  • Click the “non-spam” button on the page
  • Make sure messages were transferred to the inbox
  • Add the sender to your list (contacts) and save the changes
    • The steps above make can simplify the process, especially for CEOs and others who may not be considered under the admin’s rule.

      How We Help

      We can help you create an email whitelist quickly, which can be done for all employees. If your employees use Yahoo for work-related purposes, you can keep work emails separate from personal ones or require them to create a new account. Contact us today to find out more.