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What is Whitelisting Software and its Benefits?

Most people have heard of whitelists because they are becoming increasingly popular as a way to thwart threats. However, many companies still use the blacklisting option instead and may not understand the benefits or why whitelisting software may be beneficial. These products provide you with advanced protection for your Windows systems and may be able to be used with other systems, as well. At Comodo, we understand that malicious threats are challenging to deal with and very complex. You’ve got more and more persistent threats, such as Stuxnet, Aurora, and Flame, so traditional malware protection may not be enough.

Instead, you should consider our product, which works by:

  • Blocked unknown/untrusted software
  • Allowing trusted programs to function without a hitch
  • Allows potentially trusted programs to run in a secure way until they can be trusted or removed

Why Use It

The problem with advanced threats is that they aren’t usually caught by traditional antivirus and antimalware products. In most instances, you don’t even know you’re infected for a few weeks, which can mean severe problems, stolen information, and potential legal issues. Whitelisting can help by using several layers of security and trust enforcement actions. A whitelist only allows your trusted apps to run, without any modifications. If they are not whitelisted, they either can’t operate at all or can only be run in a secure way (graylisting).

You can whitelist anything, including servers, websites, email addresses and programs/applications.


The primary advantage of such a product is that you are in a default-deny situation against all unknown attacks and software. Whitelisting allows administrators to have more control over what is downloaded and accessed, which can prevent malware from getting a chance to attack the system. Contact us today to learn more.