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Find Whitelisting Instructions for Common Email Options in One Place

At Comodo, we believe in making things simple. As a business owner or manager of a company, you have many things on your plate and likely wear many hats. Part of your job may be security as it pertains to software/hardware.

Many companies are employing BYOD programs because they provide productivity, flexibility and cost-savings, but they can also cause headaches and problems. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, you may want to consider our product. Our device manager provides a whitelist option and is all about security and keeping devices and data safe. To do so, we use many tools within the product to:

  • Close off gaps left by standard security solutions
  • Allow customers to connect to the company securely
  • Creates a threat-resistant tunnel to webservers and clients
  • Provide protection features
  • Anti-malware and antivirus protection
  • Help you whitelist easily

What We Do

Our product makes it simple to handle whitelist needs and provides instructions on how to do it. You could browse the Internet and find the information you need to do it yourself, but that can take precious time away from other important tasks. Consider all the emails you have in the company. The higher-ups will all have emails, as well as all the managers. Most of the employees are likely to have email accounts that must be checked.

BYOD programs, while helpful, can mean even more email options. You probably have policies in place that state employees cannot use company computers for personal reasons, but with BYOD, they are using a personal device. You need to make sure you can prevent them from accessing personal emails while at work by creating a whitelist. This means they can’t open the company up to threats and will be more productive. Our whitelisting instructions can be found with our product, so Contact us today to learn more.