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Benefits of Using Whitelist Software

Whitelisting can be easy or difficult, depending on what product you currently use. In most cases, companies try to get by with the built-in options associated with UNIX and Windows operating systems, but they are difficult to use and set up. Therefore, you may find yourself looking for whitelist software options, and Comodo can help.

What Our Product Does

While our product isn’t solely used for whitelisting, it can be used for application control and comes with a whitelist feature. It can help you determine what applications are running and can prevent unknown or unauthorized apps from executing. It can also:

  • Protect against memory injection attacks
  • Simplify the whitelisting deployment and creation process
  • Automated change management
  • Reduces risks for viruses and malware
  • Provides flexibility to ensure productivity remains high

As you can see, our product does so much for you, including whitelisting and making things easier. It also protects against attacks of all kinds and will ensure that your information remains secure.


The benefits of whitelist products are many. First, you can easily set up a list for applications, programs, websites, email addresses and more. Make sure you include everything you need for daily work-related activities. Once you have finished the list, administrators can eliminate all unknown applications and those that aren’t necessary. This can help prevent the attacks of viruses and malware.

If you notice that something is needed, it can quickly be added to the list, making it an excellent way to keep track of what’s being used. If an employee tries to use something that isn’t allowed, a record will be created. If you notice multiple people attempting to use it, you may want to add it or look into it more. Otherwise, you can explain to them that they can’t use unauthorized items. Contact us to learn more.