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Don’t Whitelist Minecraft but Use Their Idea

While most people have heard of the popular pixelated game that allows you to create your personal virtual world filled with crazy creatures, most companies frown upon it being played while at work, and for good reason. At Comodo, we understand that you need employees to be productive and that games can take away from that productivity, even if they are allowed on lunch breaks or after-hours. Therefore, you won’t want to whitelist Minecraft servers or the game itself, but you can still take a page from their book.

In most cases, you have to belong to a whitelisted server to play the PC version, though there are some open-source options. You get a whole team full of players and can chat and talk about the game, which is what you need to do at work. Employees need easy ways of communication so they can quickly seek answers or tell someone something. This may include emails, instant messages and more.

What is Whitelisting?

A whitelist is a list set up by the administrator so that only those items on the list can be used, run, or opened. It allows you to:

  • Control who uses which applications and programs
  • Keep out malware- and virus-ridden apps/programs
  • Keep computers, devices and servers secure
  • Prevent lower productivity because people are playing games

How to Use It

Think about the things you open each morning when you come into the office (or what employees have to open). They likely check their emails first to see what’s new or what’s tasked for that day. They may have a calendar they use to check important things, open Skype or another instant messaging device and login to their systems.

All of these things can be added to the whitelist so only they can be used. If you’d like to learn more, contact us.