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Whitelist Minecraft Server: Do Something Similar for Your Company Servers

While most businesses do not want to whitelist a Minecraft server because it would lead to people playing games instead of working, they can take the same concept and apply it to their company servers. Whitelisting servers for gamers means that you have higher-quality players. These players may:

  • Play the game daily
  • Be polite when using the system
  • Follow the rules or ask questions when they don’t understand

The same can be said for company servers. You only want employees and certain others allowed on the servers. If you let anyone and everyone on, you risk people not following the rules, downloading inappropriate content, viewing inappropriate websites and more.

How It Helps

At Comodo, we understand your need for control. In most cases, you can’t control everything, and there will always be a few people that disregard the rules. Therefore, it can be time-consuming to fix their mistakes and problems associated with them. However, our product, help you create a similar whitelist as Minecraft, allowing the servers to work more efficiently and keep out the riff-raff.

Along with that, you’ll be able to create whitelists for other things, such as applications, software, websites and more. Just think how many employees are playing on Facebook or even playing the built-in computer games instead of working? You can create lists that say only particular items can be accessed so that they can’t use anything unless it is on the list.

While you probably won’t ever whitelist Minecraft so that employees can play, you can be similar to their techniques and methods and create the perfect workspace. We can also help you along your journey, so contact us today to learn more about our product and how it can help.