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Learn to Whitelist IP Addresses Easily with Comodo

Most companies have a server, which makes things easier and keeps everything together. Employees that bring personal devices have to be connected to the server to be able to work, keeping corporate data secure. However, that also means that your IP needs to be allowed and may require that you whitelist it. Administrators can do this on their own, but it can be time-consuming and challenging.

At Comodo, we make things easier. We understand that you’ll need to whitelist IP addresses for the server so that you can connect remotely. If you plan on managing databases remotely by using software, you will need the address whitelisted.

What It Does

Whitelisting the address will ensure that it is always allowed on all devices and computers that are connected to the server wirelessly. It, in effect, allows you to communicate with everyone in the organization using a secure environment and is one of the most useful options out there. It can also be used to prevent Internet traffic from being rerouted or hijacked to a phishing website.

Why it’s Difficult

It can sometimes be difficult to handle whitelisting of IPs, especially if you use multiple ones throughout your day. For example, if you have branches all over the country or overseas and need to communicate with them, all of those addresses will need to be added to the list for a smooth transition.

How We Help

We make it easy to whitelist your IP because:

  • You can do it all from one console
  • Our product is simple to use and offers step-by-step instructions
  • With a few clicks, everything can be whitelisted
  • You can change the list at any time to meet needs
  • It can be used for IPs, applications, software, emails and more

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