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Why You Need a Whitelist Filter

Most companies don’t understand the need for whitelisting, and may think that their current software options are enough. At Comodo, we know that most hardware and software packages come with built-in filters, so most companies believe that is sufficient. However, many times they are difficult to set up and use and they may not completely block everything. Therefore, you may need a whitelist filter program to help you create the perfect work environment. While no product is 100 percent accurate, our product is extremely effective at filtering out websites, applications, emails and other things that you don’t want employees to access while at work.

ISP Level vs. Local

When most companies decide to consider whitelists to create a more productive workplace, they usually turn to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) because they use filters and their filtering system tends to be better. The problem most companies have is that they employ BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs, which means that it can be tricky if not impossible to keep out unwanted apps and URLs, even if using a company server.

Therefore, you may want to consider a local whitelist software, such as ours because it will:

  • Require that everything is added to the list first, including devices
  • Allow administrators full control
  • Keep out unwanted websites and applications
  • Reduce risks associated with malware and viruses

Our Product Options

Our product does more than help you whitelist things because it also includes an antivirus and antimalware option and can protect the company from remote takeovers, SSL sniffing, memory scrapping and other problematic threats. It can also work with cloud-based options, so if you have a virtual server or virtual storage area, it will still scan those areas first before opening the file. Contact us to learn more.