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How to Get Your Email Server on the Whitelist

A whitelist email server means that your emails are whitelisted on the servers of the internet service provider. If you use emails as a marketing technique, you need to ensure those messages get to their recipients. Because it has been abused in the past, most people refuse to open emails from people they don’t know, even if they have opted in for the newsletter or service. Therefore, you have to figure out how to whitelist email so that it goes directly to their inbox and not into the spam or trash folder.

How to Avoid the Blacklist

The blacklist is filled with emails that have been blocked so they cannot get through to the recipients. Whoever maintains the list has noted that the sender shouldn’t be allowed to send messages. Your job is to get on the whitelist email list so that your messages aren’t:

  • Blocked
  • Deleted
  • Filed into spam folders

At Comodo, we understand that a whitelist email server is necessary for businesses so that you can send and receive mail to customers. Therefore, there are some tips that we can provide so that you do get whitelisted, if not every time, then most of the time.

If you don’t want to wind up on the blacklist, consider the amount of mail you send to recipients. Even if they request and want to read your offerings, you shouldn’t bombard them. Keep it to a few messages a month and stick with truly important information.

You may also notice that your servers do not allow the mail to go through, which can easily be fixed by your systems engineer. Your IP address may also be causing the problem, so you may need whitelists in place to allow the IP address to be accepted. Contact us today to learn more about whitelisting and our products.