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Learn What a Whitelist Email is and Why You Need Them

Whitelists for emails are lists of IP addresses where users expect to receive legitimate messages. When your IP address is added to the whitelist email list, messages sent from that IP address are usually allowed through and not marked as spam or sent to different folders. You may need to add particular senders to your list and may need to find ways to get your emails automatically whitelisted by the consumer.

How to Get Emails Whitelisted

If you want to make sure that messages get to clients and customers, you should ensure that you are using appropriate colors, fonts, capitalization and punctuation. You can also request that they respond to the message, which can automatically put you in their contacts list. For example, if they request a newsletter, you can ask them to reply so you know it’s the correct address or something similar.

How to Get Your Emails Whitelisted for Business

Many companies use web-based providers for emails because it is simple, easy and free. Examples include:

  • Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail
  • Windows Live Hotmail
  • AOL

However, you may also choose to use various versions of Windows Outlook so that all mail is in one convenient place. You may also have mobile devices that include their own mailboxes, such as Android and iPhone.

It is usually easy to whitelist your emails, especially those from the organization, so you don’t miss any pertinent information. In most cases, adding the address to the contacts or approved list is all that’s needed.

However, our product can also go further because it allows you to whitelist whole domains. This enables you to add your company’s domain (www or HTTP) to the list so that any and all emails are automatically allowed through if going through that domain/server. Contact us if you would like to learn more.