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Why it is Important to Whitelist Applications

Organizations everywhere want to have more application control and are adopting policies to get it done. This is part of their defense-in-depth strategies, and they are being commended for trying to keep their information safe. At Comodo, we understand your need to be compliant to reduce problems, both legal and financial. Our product can help you whitelist applications in an easy way.

It is necessary to combat modern attacks, such as phishing, zero-day viruses and more. These problems are not going to go away because hackers continue to try and get into systems of importance. You may not think that your company or product can be of value to them, but if you accept credit card payments, you are susceptible.

What It Is

A whitelist for an application just means that apps have to be approved for use by members of the organization. If they are not on the list, they cannot be used or may need to have permission to run first. Many times, administrators must modify the list periodically when new apps are added and new software provided. They can also change the list so that only certain people can access items. For example, the IT department wouldn’t need to have the sales database or credit card information for customers.

Thinking You’re Protected

Most people believe they are already protected because they have Antivirus and antimalware products. While this can help, it:

  • Doesn’t stop apps from opening
  • Cannot approve/deny an application from opening
  • Can be considered more of a reactive approach while a whitelist is regarded as a proactive approach

We understand your frustrations about applications and have made it easier to whitelist them. While some people believe that blacklisting is best, you may miss something that is critical. Instead of allowing everything and then blocking certain things, you’re blocking everything and allowing some. Contact us to learn more.