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How Comodo Takes SSL Inspection Software to a New Level

Most people don’t understand Secure Socket Layer, even though they hear that it is important and necessary for business dealings. At Comodo, we understand your frustration and want you to know that our product will ensure that common mistakes aren’t made when you use our product.

There are many times where SSL inspection software, meant to prevent attacks such as SSL sniffing, come with several mistakes embedded within. While the creators don’t do these things on purpose, it can still pose severe risks to your precious data. The whole point of using SSL Inspection software is to reduce the risk of attacks and attempts to gain access to your sensitive information, but we are different.

How We are Different

Common mistakes can include:

  • Incomplete validation
  • Not telling the client of validation
  • Overloading
  • Not conveying validity of certificates correctly
  • Communication without warning

The primary reason to use SSL inspection software is to reduce the risk of SSL sniffing and to validate system certificates. It is important that the product validates certificates that it connects with and ensure that the validation is sufficient. Our product does this so that all clients know they are connected to a legitimate website.

Sometimes the software used will perform validation, but won’t tell the client the results. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, either, because the customer can’t know if they’re connected to a real site and may choose not to buy something.

Other times, the software available will attempt to tell clients the validity by using the CN field on the certificate. The problem with that is any errors received aren’t understood. There are no reasons behind the failed validation or even if it did fail. Attackers could get information from that anomaly. Our software doesn’t have those common mistakes, so contact us today to learn more.