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Benefits of SSL Decryption

When most people think of SSL decryption, they think of attackers who use it as part of man-in-the-middle attacks. While it can be used as a weapon against companies and bears some similarities with SSL sniffing, it can also be used as a technique for enterprise security. At Comodo, we understand that you need to keep data secure at all times and work hard alongside you to help you do that.

Secure Socket Layer Explained

When end users are inside their local area network (LAN) and attempt to connect to a server protected by Secure Socket Layer via a browser, the server has to respond with a certificate (key). The browser checks the signature of the certificate against a predetermined list of trusted authorities before answering the server. Then the server can respond with a digital acknowledgement that an SSL session will be started.

With SSL decryption, a firewall is placed strategically to intercept initial messages instead of allowing the end user’s message to go through undeterred. Both parties understand what is happening and that it is necessary to stay secure.


The advantages of using SSL decryption can include:

  • Better security against SSL sniffing and other malicious attacks
  • Making sure that employees are working and not checking personal sites
  • Reduced privacy for employees

While some of the above benefits can be considered disadvantages, it is up to the company to determine how badly they want to keep data secure and to what lengths they are willing to go.

For example, employees who are checking their emails or browsing the web on their lunch hour could have their network traffic monitored, even if they aren’t doing anything untoward. However, as long as employees are aware that this will happen, there shouldn’t be any problems. Contact us today to learn more about our product.