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Learn How to Prevent Man in the Middle Attack

Man in the Middle Attack Prevention

A man in the middle attack happens when malicious hackers put themselves into a conversation between two people and intercept the data that is being relayed. The system is trusted, but it has been compromised without either party knowing. In essence, the hacker is eavesdropping and trying to find out vital personal information. In some cases, they sit back and wait until something is provided that they want to steal. However, sometimes, they will take control of the conversation, and point-blank ask for sensitive information. Since you trust the person you’re communicating with, you don’t think it is a big deal and provide it.

How MITM Affects You

At Comodo, we understand that employees have to send out sensitive corporate data all the time. They may be helping a customer input their credit card information or may be writing emails about the new technology they are learning. This type of attack has grown in popularity because the criminal gets direct access to all the information being transmitted without doing any more work. MITM attacks can be found in:

  • IM (Instant Messaging)
  • SMS
  • Email, as attachments
  • Secure email
  • Many other forms of communication

Ways to Preventing a Man in the Middle Attack

For organizations to avoid becoming a victim of these attacks, they should implement a comprehensive:

  • Email security solution
  • Web security solution
  • Education and training session for employees
  • Check for user credentials

Our product can help with all four prevention tips because our product can detect malicious activity in real-time, prevent SSL sniffing and ensure that users are verified before you start any contact with them. Other ways to prevent these attacks can include making passwords secure and complex, updating/changing them often and using our product. Contact us today to learn more.