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Email Data Loss Prevention Strategies that can Help

Have you ever stopped to consider how email has become the biggest source of communication for employees and organizations? It seems that everyone uses email, and everyone has it. Average employees will send and receive over 100 emails a day and about 29,000 a year. At least one in 20 emails contain sensitive information, such as attachments, social security numbers, corporate secrets or health information. If that email gets hacked or breached, it could lead to:

  • Decreased competitive edge
  • Customer loss
  • Heavy fines
  • Damage to the reputation
  • Legal problems

Companies need to realize the necessity of email data loss prevention and the best practices you can use today to prevent leakage and keep up with the environment. They include setting targets, filter emails, and more.

Setting Targets

Before you can jump right in, you have to know which problems are out there and set targets. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our product can help you keep track of and report on violations while monitoring all units. Once you know what the potential problems are, you can work on ways to reduce or stop them, which our product can likely help with, as well.


Every email program offers some filter program, usually in the form of spam. However, these filters aren’t enough. If your colleague receives an email from someone with a virus attached and then sends it to you, you could all be infected and could infect the rest of the system. That can lead to SSL sniffing and other problems.

Our product offers a competitive filter that will work with your preferred rules and policies to ensure there are no mistakes and problems. Data loss prevention doesn’t just mean informing employees and staying on task. It also means having a product that helps you, so contact us today to learn more.