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What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention strategizes standards to restrict end users from sharing important and confidential information outside the organization network. The DLP Software equips the network administrator to monitor and manage as to what the end users can transfer from the corporate network.

Why DLP is Important for Enterprises?

Data Protection is liable to prevent financial losses. Businesses and Enterprises rely on the confidential data which is considered as a corporate asset and requires hacker proof protection. Any business revolves around its confidential data which strengthens its customer and investors relations. Data, if stolen brings down the confidence of the investors and customers, bringing high chances of loosing your business to your competitors.

DLP Software is vital for enterprises as it enforces protection policies that allows organization's administrator to secure sensitive business data and preventing illegal access of data. Confidential enterprise data occupies its place on virtual servers, physical servers, databases, point-of-sale devices, PCs, file servers, mobile devices and flash drives. It also surpasses through a different network access points like VPNs, wireless, etc. It stays a mandatory approach to resolve the data loss prevention.

Some of the confidential data of a business or an enterprise includes

Cognitive data: Product design reports, internal price listings, detailed documentation of the process and the source code

Corporate Data: Design based document, Financial reports, research-based documents for mergers and acquisitions, rolodex of employee information

Customer Data: Login credentials, credit card numbers, financial statements and social security numbers, with data connected and communicated through the virtual space – dlp takes an important role play in any organization to manage and secure confidential business information.

Data Loss Prevention

With DLP Software – Enhance the visibility and control of your organization's data

Stay Ahead with Proactive Data Loss Mechanism

Understand and verify the flow of your sensitive information that goes to and from the organization's network to mitigate the risk of security data breaches.

Frame Data Protection Policies Instantly

Bring into an effective non-invasive action with accurate standards and policies to protect the data at a faster note and to magnify the visibility of how data gets into the hands of the illegal shenanigans.

At Comodo, we understand your confusion and difficulty when it comes to SSL sniffing and other electronic attacks, so we have created a product to help you. You must be able to understand which of your assets are important and what the attributes are that create an excellent company. Those attributes include:

  • Income
  • Reputation
  • Core Operational Impact
  • Revenue

Our product helps you by focusing on four primary elements, including network monitoring, storage, endpoint DLP and central management servers. Whether you have one server or multiple ones, you need to ensure that everything is covered from all potential points of entry. The central management server allows you to control all deployment for DLP and is where you’ll manage your policies and incidents. Learn more today by contacting us.