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Benefits of Using Data Loss Prevention Software

White data loss prevention (DLP) is an up-and-coming and promising tool, it is also the least understood. At Comodo, we want to make it easier for you to understand what it does and why it works. DLP is so hard to comprehend because there are so many contradictory messages that compete with each other. It is considered a broad and generic term and it can be used in various situations to include encryption, suites and port blocking.

Data loss prevention software should protect information:

  • On your network
  • In stored data
  • On endpoints using deep-content analysis

It should also help prevent SSL sniffing, and ours does everything and so much more. While a sniffer by itself can be beneficial too, a DLP solution is also necessary or else you’re faced with severe flaws. If you truly need to see everything going on, you’ll need something more, like our DLP solution that is a full-suite product.


With our product, you will be able to protect data so it can’t be leaked or stolen, monitor how data is used and discover where it is stored across all environments, including mobile, cloud and on-premises places. You’ll also find that it is easy to deploy, whether in the cloud or on-premises and offers single-server support that allows you fast deployment of all data loss prevention tools.


It is important to keep corporate information safe and secure, and you also have to worry about staying compliant. Our product embraces security perimeters and makes it easier to thwart targeted attacks. You can expand the reach of your DLP solution to include mobile devices, so employees can safely use corporate information while on the go. You’ll also extend your policies beyond your network and more. Contact us today to learn more.