Data Loss Prevention Software Benefits

Introduction To Data Loss Prevention

Can you remember a time when one of your friends told you something about their work? They were so enthusiastic telling you about some confidential company information. Sharing confidential info outside an organization or company will result in financial loss. This is where data loss prevention software can help you.

What is data loss prevention? DLP is a collection of tools and processes. It ensures that sensitive data is not lost. DLP also guarantees that sensitive or confidential data is not misused. DLP assures that sensitive info is not accessed by unapproved users.

It is important and necessary to protect an organization’s data. Ignoring security policies will result in data breaches. What is confidential data in a business setting? Here are some of the confidential data that a business or organization has to protect:

Intellectual data

  • Reports about the product design
  • Listings of internal prices
  • Documentation of the process
  • Application source code

Company data

  • Documents based on the product design
  • Financial records
  • Research documents about mergers and properties
  • Employee information

Client data

  • Login credentials
  • Credit card numbers
  • Financial statements
  • Social security numbers

Organizations or companies in other fields also need data loss prevention software. In the healthcare field, patient data is necessary to secure. This refers to PHI or Protected Health Information. Complying with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is compulsory. HIPAA is a US law that implements data privacy. It also suggests the security requirements for safeguarding medical data.

On the side of eCommerce, merchants need to be PCI DSS compliant. This acronym stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Any business that accepts payment card transactions should adhere to this standard. Data loss prevention software is essential to eCommerce as well.

Data loss prevention software is also called data loss prevention program. It manages and secures your business data or information. There are a lot of data loss prevention tools today. Each one offers various data loss prevention solutions. The question is which one suits your business needs?

You will learn more about the features or benefits of data loss prevention software. You will understand why SecureBox is one of the best data loss prevention software today as well.

The Benefits of Using Data Loss Prevention Software

It is important to protect confidential and sensitive information from various threats. One of the best ways to do this is by using data loss prevention software. Here are the benefits or things to look for in a data loss prevention software:

  • Data loss prevention software protects the information on your network. It protects data in motion or while in transit. It also protects data in use or while in memory. It protects data at rest or while in storage as well.
  • It offers endpoint protection as well. SecureBox offers data loss prevention for endpoint devices. This includes laptops, smartphones, among other external devices. Your company’s information is safe even in a BYOD or Bring Your Own Device environment.
  • Provides protection against SSL sniffing, network sniffing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. These kinds of threats intercept data and decrypt it. SecureBox is good at countering these attacks.
  • A good data loss prevention software is easy to deploy. It supports different operating environments. It offers various installation options like on-premise or Software as a Service (SaaS). SecureBox also offers single-server support aside from those mentioned above.
  • SecureBox is a good data loss prevention software. It acts like a web application firewall or WAF. It watches over your network for any suspicious activity 24/7. It observes incoming and outgoing web traffic for any sign of malicious activity. This feature alone detects most threats including zero-day attacks.
  • A good data loss prevention software uses deep-content analysis in detecting data theft. SecureBox is good at preventing loss of data as well as theft of data. SecureBox is an award-winning intrusion detection and prevention software.
  • Data loss prevention software helps in preventing data breaches. It protects you from both internal and external threats. SecureBox protects you from various threats like the following:

    1. Viruses
    2. Trojans
    3. Worms
    4. Rootkits
    5. Spyware
    6. Adware
    7. Ransomware
  • A good data loss prevention software provides real-time reporting and analytics. SecureBox offers different kinds of reports as shown below:

    1. Malware threat detection reports
    2. Network IP change reports
    3. Application upgrade reports
    4. Remote control detection reports
    5. Application usage reports
    6. License usage reports
    7. Injection detection reports
    8. Application uninstall/install reports
    9. Email notifications based on reports


You have learned what a good data loss prevention software is. You also learned the features or benefits of data loss prevention software. You understood as well how SecureBox can help you. SecureBox is an amazing all-in-one security solution. Sign up now and try the free demo!

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