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Benefits and Features of Cloud Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Companies everywhere need to have a cloud data loss prevention solution to help ensure that sensitive information isn’t lost or stolen by hackers. The problem many businesses have is that employees are allowed to use their personal devices, which can make it harder to find out where data is stored across on-premises, mobile and cloud environments. It can also make it more difficult to protect it and monitor how it is used, both on and off the corporate network.

At Comodo, we understand the frustrations you face and want to make things simpler. Our product will help you:

  • Protect your data from leakage or thieves
  • Monitor how data is used on and off network
  • Discover where it is stored, no matter which environment

In-The-Cloud Features

Most companies enjoy having so much extra room available to store documents and other relevant data. It can make storage simpler and can do so many other helpful things, but it can also leave you with the feeling of being out of control. You can’t be sure that data is kept in a compliant way or that it is secure and private once it goes in the cloud. Our product can help address some of those worries by providing you with data loss prevention options that can also keep out SSL sniffing attacks.

Our product can integrate with Microsoft Exchange, so you have more control and visibility of all messages sent by employees or anyone else from the company. You can also use our product to discover items found in cloud storage, so you can see all sensitive files that your users are sharing and storing.

If employees regularly have to sync devices and share sensitive files, they can do it in a safe and secure manner with our Sync and Share feature. Contact us today to learn more about data loss prevention options.