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How to Get on the Spam Filter Whitelist

If you are like most companies, you use email marketing as a technique to generate more leads and sales. When potentials visit your website, they can opt-in to the newsletter and many companies offer incentives, such as a free report, entry into a contest or something else that will interest the person. However, if you can’t figure out how to get on their spam filter whitelist, you may miss out.

At Comodo, we can help because we have a product that makes whitelisting simple. However, it isn’t just about using a product. You also have to understand the whitelist and why it’s important, as well as how spam works.

Avoiding the Blacklist/Spam Folder

Filters are used on most email accounts to ensure that mail is appropriate and desired. You can consider:

  • Email authentication
  • Sending IP reputation
  • Better and more relevant content


When sending emails out to potential customers, you have to make sure the subject and body text aren’t spammy, interactive or messy. Spammy words, such as, “click here” or anything with the word free could cause problems. You can find a full list of spammy words online, which can save you a lot of headaches when your emails aren’t on the recipient’s whitelist.

Other times, interactive content that uses forms, RSS feeds or JavaScript could be considered as inappropriate and may be sent to the wrong folder.

Another problem could be the formatting. Remember that too much punctuation, for example “!!!???!!!” or writing in all capital letters could send your email to limbo. You also don’t want to use fancy fonts, too many colors or using numbers for some letters (0 for O, 3 for E, 1 for I). If you’d like to learn more about us, contact us today.