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Learn about Signature Control and Why It Is Necessary

A digital signature is different than an electronic one. Electronic signatures can be a simple typed name or an image of a handwritten signature. They can be used for a few things and do have a place in business, but if you want to consider signature control, they won’t be as useful because they aren’t as secure and don’t have as much integrity.

Digital signatures, on the other hand, are coded messages or fingerprints that are unique to the document and the person signing it. They can ensure the authenticity of the signer and can guarantee that changes made later will not be validated.

At Comodo, we understand why you need signature control systems in place and can help you achieve your goals.

Reasons to Consider

Paper documents are falling by the wayside because they cost a lot to reproduce (make copies for files), take up a lot of room and cost the lives of trees. If you were to factor in the costs of scanning, copying, archiving, retrieving and routing documents, you’d notice that a lot of your money could be going to that. Employees are moved away from other tasks to perform those functions, creating a problem, as well.

Organizations everywhere are considering digital signatures because they can help:

  • The organization go green
  • Address legal situations
  • Improve efficiency
  • Cut costs
  • Expedite and automate business processes

Most companies would love to “go green,” which just means to be more environmentally-friendly. Reducing the amount of paper you use is an excellent first step. Everyone can be more efficient and proficient in their jobs because they’re not stopping to locate a paper. It is much easier to search for documents on the computer instead of in a paper-file system. Contact us today to learn more about signature control systems.