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Learn How Signature Control Systems Can Benefit You

Remember the days when a written signature was golden and had to be had if you wanted to be approved? Most people understand that signatures are a part of life, but when you get into the digital world, it can be a little confusing. At Comodo, we understand this and have worked hard to create a product to let you control them and keep them organized.

The problem with online signatures is that they can be recreated easily, so these documents aren’t binding in court. Therefore, it is important to understand that most people use signature control systems that create a unique digital code that acts as a signature.

Similarities between Handwritten and Digital Signatures

You may not realize it, but there are a couple of similarities between digital and handwritten signatures, including:

  • Both can be forged
  • Both should be witnessed

There are, however, more differences between the two options. For one, digital signatures require a lot more management, control, and auditing. With paper documents, you can quickly tell if it has been signed and can determine if it is real or fake easily in court. However, the same options don’t apply to a digitally signed document. They are more complex and therefore, require signature control.

Is It Enough?

When you think about security features, you primarily think of antimalware and antivirus protection because these keep out the direct attacks on your devices and data. While signature-based solutions can detect amateur attacks, it won’t be able to detect the most sophisticated attacks by cyber criminals that target particular organizations to exploit them.

Our product can help because it provides signature control options, but will also offer antivirus and antimalware solutions, as well as SSL validation, ASV certification, whitelisting or default-deny abilities and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.