Security Application

The Best Cybersecurity Application: Introduction

Your online business can go down for a few seconds because of cyber attacks. A lot of web application vulnerabilities still exist. Attacks like cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and SQL injection are still common.

Cybercriminals can avoid the security measures and cybersecurity applications you have in place. They use their knowledge of information security for malicious purposes. Your best defense is to plan ahead and prevent security risks from happening. Stop being paranoid and use only the best security program on the market.

SecureBox is an award-winning cybersecurity application capable of countering various threats. It also renders cyber attacks useless. You’ll learn more about this great product in the next section.
The Best Cybersecurity Application: SecureBox’s Features

Software developers need to apply security solutions all the time. They should produce secure code during the software development life cycle. The computer applications developed in this manner can already thwart some threats. There is no such thing as 100% security and we can only lessen the risks.

SecureBox will help you lessen these risks. Here are the notable features of this great product:

  1. The best cybersecurity application has a unique feature. SecureBox utilizes containerization technology to another level. This cyber security software puts an unknown program inside a container. This program can still interact with other applications but it can’t affect them in any way. It is like putting an infected program inside a “quarantine zone”
  2. The best cybersecurity application is good at detecting and removing malware programs. SecureBox will protect you against viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, and ransomware. SecureBox has a large database of known malware. It also keeps itself updated for new and emerging threats.
  3. The best cybersecurity application offers protection against zero-day attacks. You can’t defend from something which you don’t know. This is one of the biggest threats that is hard to counter. SecureBox protects your system by monitoring it for any suspicious activity. If it finds one, it then logs it. This will add to its database of suspicious activities.
  4. The best cybersecurity application offers the benefits of using a firewall program. SecureBox filters out web traffic for any malicious or suspicious activity. It acts as a web application firewall or WAF. You can configure it to restrict or allow certain kinds of programs.
  5. The best cybersecurity application also provides some form of encryption. Most websites already make use of HTTPS and SSL protocols for secure communication. SecureBox utilizes keystroke encryption technology. This is very useful whenever you are entering credit card numbers and passwords on web forms. This also protects you from keyloggers as well.
  6. The best cybersecurity application protects you from memory scraping attacks. There are some malicious programs that sit inside your computer’s memory or RAM. These programs try to get valuable data from the memory itself, hence the term scraping. SecureBox can detect, prevent, and remove these kinds of malicious programs.
  7. The best cybersecurity application protects you against network sniffing attacks. SecureBox thwarts all the variations of network sniffing including the following:
    • Man-in-the-middle attacks
    • SSL sniffing attacks
    • DDoS attacks
  8. The best cybersecurity application protects you against spear phishing and email spoofing attacks. These are attacks that target the executives of your business. These attacks attempt to get their usernames and passwords. SecureBox is good at combating these kinds of attacks as well.
  9. The best cybersecurity application allows whitelisting of programs in your system. You can put all your trusted programs in a list. Computer programs which are not on the list will not run. This is one great feature of any security software.
  10. The best cybersecurity application offers the following features as well:
    • Registry protection
    • Uninstall protection
    • Printscreen protection
    • Download prevention
    • Copy/Paste prevention
    • Remote Control/Sharing prevention
    • Man-in-the-browser attack prevention
    You’ll have peace of mind because SecureBox has all these security features. Using SecureBox gives you more time for other important things in life!
  11. The best cybersecurity application also gives you details about your system. SecureBox does this as well. It provides you with the following kinds of reports:
    • Malware threat detection reports
    • Network IP change reports
    • Application upgrade reports
    • Remote control detection reports
    • Application usage reports
    • License usage reports
    • Injection detection reports
    • Application uninstall/install reports
    • Email notifications base on reports

The Best Cybersecurity Application: Conclusion

SecureBox is the best cybersecurity application because of its many useful features. It is an award-winning program tried and tested by time. Need we say more? Sign up now and get a free demo!