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There are security risks involved when making online payments. A typical attack would target your sensitive and personal information (phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card details). The attacker can get this info on your web browser’s form in many ways.

To prevent this from happening in the real world, you should know the best ways on how to secure online payments. Arming yourself with knowledge will always put you two steps ahead of the attacker.

You’ll learn the different ways you can secure online payments together with some best practices along the way as well. You’ll also see the importance of using an all-in-one security software solution such as SecureBox.

How To Secure Online Payments

Security is something that you can’t achieve instantly. It takes time, hard work, and discipline to fully understand the importance of security in any field. Even in computing, security is not easily obtained. You should be taking steps to counter threats before it happens.

Here are the best ways on how to secure online payments in no particular order:

1. Don’t ever make any online transaction over public networks. These networks have poor security in place. Public networks usually provide free wifi access such as in malls, restaurants, coffee shops, and inside public transportation vehicles among others.

2. Another way to secure online transactions is to make use of VPN or virtual private network. This technology ensures that any communication between you and the web server is encrypted.

3. Updating your web browser or web application is one good way to secure online payments and other transactions. Vulnerabilities come into existence because of outdated software. It’s important to update or upgrade your internet explorer, chrome, and other applications to prevent it from being exploited.

4. An anti-malware application can help you get rid of viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, and ransomware from your electronic device. SecureBox can do all of these things. Performing daily scans on your system is one good way to secure online payments.

5. Using strong passwords and two-factor authentication methods are good ways to secure online payments or transactions. Your passwords should not be about you like your birthday, your favorite color, among other easily common details. Use a unique password with alphanumeric and symbols in it. It isn’t a good idea to use a password manager as well. Providing a username and password alone for authentication isn’t enough. Use secondary forms of authentication like generating an OTP or one-time password, getting an email, or receiving an SMS code.

6. Increase your POS or point-of-sale terminal security by using tried and tested programs such as SecureBox. There’s a lot of POS systems around the world that are vulnerable to threats. Using SecureBox is one good way to secure online transactions done on those POS terminals.

7. Prevent cybercriminals from getting your sensitive info whenever you input it on some online form. An attacker would use a keylogger program, a memory scraping software, and do some phishing email tactics to get your information. SecureBox is also an anti-spyware program and does the job pretty well.

8. Manage your social media privacy settings properly. Even ordinary people with no technical knowledge can get your information easily just by looking at your social media profiles. Have you checked your social media privacy settings lately? By default, it is set to “Public” meaning everyone can see the personal details you placed on your profile. Limiting your data exposure will help secure online transactions that you’ll make.

9. Always check if the website you’re accessing supports SSL (Secured Socket Layers) connections. You can identify this is in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) if there is an “s” after “http” (Example: https://). SecureBox protects you from threats that target SSL connections like the SSL sniffing attack. SecureBox is a great tool that helps you secure online payments.

10. Monitoring and logging any suspicious activity is also a good way to secure online payments. SecureBox acts as a web application firewall or WAF that filters web traffic for any suspicious or malicious activity. This feature of SecureBox also counters zero-day attacks which is also a very good way to secure online transactions.


You were taught the different ways on how to secure online payments or transactions. You’ve also learned that SecureBox is an indispensable tool for securing your online transactions. Sign up now and get a free demo!

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