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Reasons to Use Remote Support Software

If you are like many corporations around the world, you understand the need for remote support software because it can offer remote take over protection and keep your sensitive data safe. At Comodo, we offer this protection to you in an easy-to-use system administration and remote control software that can simplify troubleshooting and remote-access needs for servers and end-user workstations.

Our product allows your IT department to:

  • Provide on-the-go support to end-users from iOS and Android devices
  • Manage Active Directory users, group policies and domains remotely
  • Perform administrator tasks remotely on servers and PCs
  • Troubleshoot and access computers anywhere in a secure manner, whether they are inside the firewall or not
  • Control Linux, Windows and Mac OS computers remotely
Reasons to Consider Remote Support Software

Our product offers you fast and secure options for remote take over protection so you can quickly establish connections to many platforms from a single console. We provide various tools to help, including file transfer, chat messenger and others.

You will have the ability to remotely control a device anywhere and anytime. This means that if an employee has trouble with something and is working from home, they don’t have to come into the office to have it fixed. An IT professional can access their computer remotely, figure out the trouble and provide a solution so the employee can get back to work.

We can also help you simplify your Windows administration because our product allows you to:

  • Restart, stop and start services
  • Stop and view processes
  • Edit/modify registries
  • View/manage event logs
You will also be able to control Active Directory remotely, so you can manage it effectively. You can unlock accounts, reset passwords, manage objects and manage domains. If you’d like to learn more about our remote support software, contact us today.