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Finding the Right Zero Day Vulnerability Protection

Zero-day attacks occur because there is a vulnerability window that exists between the time security vendors release a patch for the problem and the time a threat is released. At Comodo, we believe POS security is a necessity and we want to help you choose the right zero day threat protection. For Trojans, viruses and zero-day threats, the vulnerability window uses this timeline:

  • The threat is released into the wild
  • The exploit is detected and studied
  • A solution is developed
  • They release a patch or update the signature pattern to catch the problem
  • The patch is distributed and installed on operating systems, or the database is updated

The above process can take hours, during which networks can experience a vulnerability window. In 2006, the window was about 28 days or almost a full month. Now, however, it can be as little as a week, but that is still a long time to go without zero day threat protection.

Zero Day Vulnerability Protection

To be protected from zero-day threats, you must use a system that protects against those types of exploits. They aren’t usually publicly known, meaning it can be nearly impossible to defend against them. Even those networks that are considered secure are prone to these attacks, but our zero day threat protection is different. We focus on searching for patterns in URLs and network traffic to find any anomalies. These anomalies can be threats or attacks against your system, so our product checks every strange behavior, looking for the attack or threat.

Because our product focuses primarily on believing that your system is already infected, it offers more and better protection against these threats. To learn more about our products or these types of attacks, contact us today.