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What Are Zero Day Rootkits and How to Protect Your Computers

A rootkit is one of the most sophisticated of threats that are found. They work by hiding the fact that the operating system is compromised, which is sometimes achieved by replacing vital executables. They allow malware and viruses to hide out in the open because they disguise your necessary files with malicious ones so that your antivirus software doesn’t notice the problem.

At Comodo, we realize your need for POS security at all times and want you to know that zero day rootkits are the worst of the worst. The problem with them is that they aren’t harmful in and of themselves. They just hide the worms, malware and other threats.

What to Do

Of course, your primary goal is security, so you should consider:

  • Whitelisting. A whitelist ensures that only approved programs, emails, etc. can be used on company computers.
  • Patching. When patches become available for certain software that has a vulnerability, you should apply the patch as soon as possible.
  • Antivirus. Running scans weekly, or more frequently, is the best way to keep everything updated, though remember, a rootkit will hide the malware inside a folder so it may not catch everything.
  • Antimalware. Not all antivirus products come completely with spyware removers, so if you don’t currently have one, you should consider one.

If that seems like a lot of work, you’re not alone. Many people feel that it is unnecessary or that it will take too much manpower to keep up with all that, but zero day rootkits are a worse thing to consider. Therefore, you should consider keeping up to date on all of your firewalls and antivirus solutions. If you don’t currently have a solution, you can consider our product, which offers all the above, using various products. Contact us today for more information about zero day rootkits and what you can do to protect yourself.